Wrench day soon

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Jul 11, 2007
Gauging interest in a wrench day. I was thinking this weekend but need to confirm with wife person.
I can stop by for half a day or more and help out. Saturday works best but I may be able to free up Sunday. I will bring my Son for the heavy lifting! He works for food!
Saturday works for me.
It's gonna have to be Sunday. I'll update the post and see who can make it
It's gonna have to be Sunday. I'll update the post and see who can make it
I can't make Sunday..... Can I borrow about 2 hours of your time on Saturday???
Sunday is a little tougher for me as well. I'll keep working on freeing it up if that's the direction it's headed.
Jeff we can do you project Saturday afternoon.

Sorry to anyone who can't make Sunday, but there will be more wrench days for sure!
I can do Sunday.
contemplating a brisket and small keg for sunday. Wife outta town, must misbehave.
I really need to get to one of these. Could use some help and offer help, but schedule is crazy now.
Not to mention food and beer are usually top notch.
I believe the defacto club shop has been set...and I think he is accepting assistance tomorrow...Ask him about the welder issue....:cry::cry::cry:
We are here!

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