Would like to change the spindles....Only..

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Oct 6, 2008
Calgary, Alberta - Canada
I would like to change the spindles in my '90 HDJ81. I am not planning on a full front end rebuild, just the spindles because they seem to be worn out the last time I looked. The bearing (inner and outer) and new and has less than 15K on them.

My question is, what gaskets, etc do I need to change along with the spindles?

Or should I buy the whole gasket kit (04434-60051) and save whatever I didn't use for later?

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Definitely don't buy the whole kit.

Buy the following parts:

43422-60060 x2
43435-60020 x2
43436-60011 x2
90215-42025 x2

Good to go.

New wheel bearings on those nice new spindles?

At least pack the old ones.

Add 2 90311-62001 wheel bearing seals to the consumables list.
Thanks Dan, Onur... I appreciate it.
The bearings are close to new with less than 15K. So, I'll just repack..

Thanks again....:cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers:
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