Worst Christmas experience

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Jan 22, 2007
Chesnee, SC
I am sitting here going through my stack of paper work to be filed and hear on the TV about the worst gift you ever gave or got. It got me thinking about worst X-mas experience. So give it some thought and let us know. Looking for humor here rather than a down and out bummer.

I was about 10-12. One Sunday morning I go out in the garage and there is a HUGE flat box sitting on top of the Hilman Minx with the top down. My mother and grandmother told me I would be dead if I even thought about touching that box. Game on!!!!!

They kept a good eye on me but I managed to get in the garage un noticed and through the flap in one end got my hand in there and felt what was in the box, it felt like, well............felt. I had no clue what the heck this thing was. So I went in again for a better look, holy crap ITS A POOL TABLE!!!! We are getting a pool table. Where are we putting a pool table, Mom wont let dad put it in the den or living room. Guess it is going in the garage. COOL!! Of course I told my buddies after swearing them in.

Christmas morning comes around and I am sitting in my bedroom waiting to hear my grandmother head downstairs to start making coffee and tea, later breakfast. I follow her down, peek in the den and no pool table, yup it's in the garage. I did not dare look. Mom. Dad and my sister come down and we all go into the den to open gifts. We go through all gifts and no mention of a special family gift, nothing. WTF!!

So my grandmother is making breakfast with Mom and we are all in the kitchen and Dad says I should get dressed and head out on my bike, he knows a couple of my buddies got new bikes. Yeah Dad, send me to the garage for my bike, pretty sly. So I got dressed as not to give myself away and threw the garage door open.....................Nothing, just my bike and a missing big box, gone from on top of the car. WTF

I went and saw my buddies new bikes and told them of the missing box. A group WTF. We had an afternoon of shooting pool all planned. We tried to figure the mystery out but had no answer. After I went in for breakfast we loaded up in the station wagon (SUVs did not exist, this was 1970) and took my grandmother down to my uncle's house to see her other 6 grandchildren.

I was bummed, but hey I got other cool stuff. We go in and my uncle and aunt were there but no kids, weird. Then I hear all the noise coming from the basement, open the door and the first thing I hear is the sound of a break at the beginning of a game of pool. I creep down the stairs and there it is MY pool table.


Merry Christmas :)
I got hot sauce and relish a few years ago from my FIL's wife. I think they stopped at CVS on the way to our house and picked up Christmas gifts just for me. I did try the hot sauce and relish. Both were pretty bad and were thrown away.

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