Won't stay running

Apr 16, 2003
Swanzey NH
I had to replace a broken exhaust manifold on my 74-F engine. Pulled the carb off and laid it on it's side on the valve cover (choke still hooked up). Replaced the manifolds, put the carb back on and it starts but will only run 2-3 seconds and stops. Float bowl is half full at the window, get a good squirt of gas when I pull on the linkage. What should I do next to figure this out? I do not understand carbs to well so I need details! Carb wa rebuilt about a year ago by JC. ???
Lane :'(
Jan 22, 2003
You might want to check to see if you reconnected your idle solenoid. But that inky affects its running at idle. If it will run with your foot on the gas, but dies when you let off, I'll bet that your problem is in the idle solenoid. Those wires take a beating. The little rubber grommets that protect the wire as it enters the solenoid get brittle and you can have a shirt there. I've had good luck using liquid electrical tape, using several coats, to replace the insulation on the hot wire.
Good Luck

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