Wits' End- Been installing a bunch of racks lately and they need love too

Dec 26, 2012
Minneapolis, Mn
I'm drinking coffee...... Wondering about the height of the bowfin, weather I would like a rooftop tent or not (do I really want or like 150lbs on my roof, how will that effect rock crawling trips) my shop door height, will a rooftop tent fit... (Man this is a good cup of coffee), and the overland, rock crawling trips this year I want to go on. Oh... I should check the ih8mud thread, and boom (all your questions are answered) all is right with the world.

Roll-up door modifications and a pulley system incorporated into the steel truss system in my shop for easy fitting and removing of a rooftop tent may be in my future.

Great thread @NLXTACY
Just have someone in the 160-200 pound range hang out on your roof while you drive to see what the effect would be if owning a RTT....oh....and throw away at least $3k. :)
May 25, 2016
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Guess I should probably update here as well…

This is what 2000 UV stable custom rubber washers look like. I had these made specifically for the hardware.

These arrived today so a huge batch of kits went out. The next batch of the screws arrives next week so if you are still waiting for yours and did NOT get a shipping notification, it’ll be going out next week.

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Hey Joey - Are these washers for your Roofrack Elimination Hardware? Will these be available again soon? Thanks!

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