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Feb 1, 2011

Just replaced a dead alternator. Everything was going fine since its fairly simple but broke a small red wire running to this connector (if the lin doesn't work i've added as an attach)


My question is: anyone know what this connector is connecting?

As a temp fix I popped out the broken pin and was able to crimp the wire back into place and its secured back on the harness (its not perfect but its on there pretty solid and I would think would at least work until I can get in there and really rebuild it with new pins).

Anyway, once I started the truck up the RPM's were surging between 1K and 3K rpm. Very consistent, rapid up and down.

This happened in park and also in neutral (I shifted to N to see if that might help - it did not).

Guessing I've created some electrical gremlin by breaking this tiny little red wire but wanted to check what the heck this set of two red wires does.

Cruiser Wire Connector.jpg
It doesn't look like there is a wire going to the bottom port on that connector?
It doesn't look like there is a wire going to the bottom port on that connector?

they are both in there. two small gauge red ones. (the 3rd opening on the bottom is a blank).

There are also two larger terminals on the same harness above these but one is empty and the other has a wire that has been cut and unconnected to anything ever since i bought it years ago.

I've never messed with this plug other than to move it out of the way occasionally like i did for the alternator so guess that's why I've never really known what it was connecting.
What year is your rig?? It looks like the VSV harness.. but the wire colors don't match the FSM. Can you disconnect the connector and take pics of the 2 halves where the pins are??
Attached are a few more photos. Looking at the factory electrical diagram (on page 32) the connector seems to be the same shape/size/number of terminals as EA4, but the location for EA4 is on the passenger fender, not near the distributor.

The one it shows near the distributor is EB1, but that connector shape of that is very different.



Here's a link to a Toyota service manual that contains just about everything you'll ever want to know about how to repair Toyota electrical connectors along with part numbers.
If i remember right credit for making this manual available to all of us belongs to Mud Member Malleus
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I assume this is a 93-94 truck. That wire is part of the EFI circuit and runs between the underhood fuse box and behind the glove box. Along the way there are many things branched off of it for power.
hey guys,

mine is a 94. i went to my local Mr. T. and was fortunate to have an old school parts fellow who really knew his stuff and we were able to track it down. yes, its just a connector that basically acts a bridge point for the main wire harness.

i ordered a new harness and the pins. i think the fact that i have it somewhat jimmy rigged in there at the moment is what is causing the issue. at least thats what i'm hoping and praying i didn't fry out the ECU with a power surge when i first fired it up after the alternator install.

the joys of turning a simple repair into a damn electrical gremlin. guess i must be on naughty list this year.

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