Windshield replacement in Seattle?

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Oct 26, 2009
Covered in moss in Seattle
Hello all. Windshield is cracked and I'm tired of looking at it:crybaby:. Can anyone recommend a good shop in the Seattle area? I'm about 15 miles north of the city in Snohomish County. Are there any special considerations required?
Get a new gasket.

Found places in CO from $200 to $500+. Shop around. The small one man shop have better prices. Get a quote from a big chain, they will call later with a better quote. If you don't want a salesman calling several times give them your Xwife/Xgirlfriend phone number.
Can glass shops get OEM seals? Or is it a CDan order?
I must have an aftermarket gasket as the top of the window is lose and makes noise. Glass guy said it has been glued at one point.
I recently went through this recently.... I picked up the gasket from Beno and used Safelite. It came with instructions.

Word of advice......

1. No matter who you use - INSIST that they follow the factory install, especially the use of sealant on both side of the gasket.

2. Do not do a mobile install.... its a 2 person job

The first satellite shop did not seal both side so I had a leak on the passenger side 2 weeks later.

After raising h*ll....... a new Safelite shop got a new gasket, sealed it right and now I have no issues.

Bonus for me is that they had to replace the windshield which already picked up a chip.

Good luck:cheers:
^^^This^^^. Been a lot of threads on this subject but here's some more FWIW. Not the expert on this topic, but apparently there are a few different types of windshield urethane adhesives with different cure times, different viscosities, one part, two part, etc. So wondering if our windshields need a longer cure time, to give the installer more time to work?? When my installer tested the windshield he just installed for leaks he found some, so he stuffed more adhesive into the gasket. That stopped the leaks but I got a lumpy gasket as the adhesive from his first try had already set up.

Definitely use a Toyota gasket and provide the installer with a copy of the FSM, and use a Toyota windshield if you can afford it or if your insurance will cover it IMO. If your installation is covered by insurance IME you can choose your own installer. FWIW.

Cure time after Windshield install
I took mine to All Star Auto Glass on 4th South in Seattle, and really liked the service and result. The wildshield leaked when I bought the car, so I called and described it to them, mentioning that I didn’t think sealant had been used in a past replacement. The manager asked that I bring it in when he was there, so he could get a look at it personally. He took one glance, and confirmed that a past replacement had been done improperly. I had bought a gasket from Cruiser Dan, and had the FSM page with the windshield replacement procedure with me. In mentioning the sealant needing to be applied to both sides, he looked at me like I was crazy for even considering that it would be done another way. They popped the windshield, cleaned everything up, showed me the vehicle with windshield out, and put it back on with the new gasket. Service was great, and it survived last winter living outside in the Seattle rain with no leaks at all.
IME the installers can get any brand name like PPG, or OEM, or cheap aftermarket glass. A local independant installer put in my windshield, he ordered OEM glass from the local Toyota dealer. IIRC it listed for around $700.
Torfab in Mukilteo is a Cruiserhead. I'm sure he could take care of you.

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