Windshield frame cutting and replacement

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Jun 20, 2007
Tahsis, BC
Hey all,
I did a search but didn't come up with anything that specifically relates to what I'm hoping to do. Under the windshield gasket of my 62 rust bubbles are occurring, and water leaks through. I have another 62 that I believe has good metal in this area.

My question is, do you guys think it would be a good idea to attempt to cut out this chunk from the one 62 and weld it into the one with the rust? (The one with the good windshield frame is otherwise toast in all areas).

I have done a little bit of welding and would probably attempt to do this myself. Has anyone done anything like this? Do experienced welders/fabricators out there thing it would be difficult to accurately line up the pieces to be cut? Any tips? Better ideas?

Thanks a bunch.
Probably the best long term fix for you. I'd cut out the old/rusted and use it as the template to trace on the new/non-rusted panel. Cut on the outside of the line so you have more material,a better fit-up and less of a gap to weld.

Take your time and basically spot weld in the new piece. Don't try and run a bead, the metal is too thin and will just keep burning through cause more problems for you.Let the metal cool down and alternate around the patch panel. This will help. If you can run a backer behind the fitup joint to be welded this will help with burn-through.

I welded up several areas on my windshield pinchweld on the bottom and around the top perimeter of the windshield area.

Here's my build thread with several areas on my body work where I used patch panels because of A LOT OF RUST!

Good luck and take your time.

Hey reevesci thanks for the advice, that's an amazing thread/project! I'm afraid the cut/welded windshield surround piece may never be perfect enough to seal properly, given that an improperly-sealed windshield is likely the cause of this in the first place.

Has anyone actually done anything like this? What is the usual cure? I can't be the first one to have a rusty windshield surround on a 60!
Here is what I'm hoping to solve...
j, yea you need to pull the windshield and really investigate that.. Mine wasn't nearly as bad as that.. But, I guarantee you it won't be pretty( more than surface rust there)... I had three spots on my upper perimeter similar to this pic. I wire wheeled it down to bare metal and spot welded the hole up and then covered with body filler....

You could also fiberglass the holes for a quicker and more simple fix.. But, to do it right that windshield has to come out.

As far as sealing properly.. make sure your glass guy uses a butyl rubber sealant and that will help tremendously..
If they say they don't use a sealer and try and dry fit the glass go somewhere else.. It will leak...period.

Look for SpikeStrips thread on new glass install.

I had a very similar discovery when I went in to Safelite to have a new windshield put in under insurance. Mine was not as bad as that and the guy at the shop was very nice about not just rejecting the job once they found the rust (technically any amount of windshield frame structural rust is considered "unsafe" so they aren't supposed to put anything back in until the rust is cut out an replaced). They ended up just wire-wheeling the whole windshield frame, did a few coats of primer and then put in a boatload of adhesive. So far it's holding up and I haven't noticed it really leaking anymore.

Just for grins, I called my trusted body shop and they quoted me a rough $1300 to cut out all the windshield frame rust and weld in new metal, paint it and make it look pretty.

In your case, welding in replacement metal is going to be about your only option, especially if your windshield ever needs to be replaced by a shop. Like reevesci said, it's not an impossible job but you will have to take things slow to keep from making things worse. Have you pulled out the windshield from your donor truck to see what it looks like? Take a wire wheel to it to really see if it will be suitable for a swap. If it has any decent amount of rust, it probably wouldn't be worth the time and energy to weld in just to have a repeat of this.

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