Window conversion - manual to power (1 Viewer)

Oct 8, 2011
Toronto, NSW, Australia
Considering doing this with my 80 as I am keen to start replacing the original beaten up doors. Only pita is that being a 1992 DX there are no holes in the a-pillars (or in the b pillars) for cabling to the doors to run out of the body through, and I can't work out if the rubber grommet things to fit into holes are something available as a seperate part. I'm currently trying to see if i can source some door wiring harnesses.

I don't have any interest in power mirrors since I'm the only one who drives me 80 normally.

I have some spare front doors to experiment with and they are fitted with power windows and wiring. No trims or switchblocks though my existing doors have GX style trims (dunno why - they just do!).


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