Window Bushing/Wheels

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Mar 29, 2004
This is gonna sound trivial, but hate to spend 110$ unnecessarily.

I have a 1993 80, and on my Driver side window, the little wheels or bushings that press on to the window regulator and ride in the "window lifter track" (no clue what its called) have died (cracked and broken off) and my window keeps falling.

Toyota wants me to buy the whole window regulator, which seems like overkill, and my wife, who drives my truck, is driving me nuts about getting the window fixed.

Has anyone found a replacement for those things? maybe other toyota cars? I cant seem to find an 80 in a parts yard anywhere near me :(

I was thinking about hitting grainger and seeing if they have anything that may work, but would like to know if anyone here has already found a solution.

Thanks for any help!
I would give C-Dan a call...he will know exactly if/what any part will work or it that is your only option.

His contact info in on a rotating header for American Toyota or you can look in the Vendors section and find his number.
There are no service components available for window regulators, complete assemblies only.
Or wait 5 min and he will magically see this and answer you. :D

Sorry for the bad news though
This wheel broke on my right rear window regulator and was hoping to replace just the wheel. Has anybody figured a fix for this without having to buy a new regulator? My searches didn't turn up any answers.

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