SOLD WI - Rebuilt 2F Head (Possible SOR Rebuild) Glyptal Coating / Casting # 61031 ****2 Day Sale - Big Price Drop****

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Oct 11, 2017
SW Utah
United States
I am not going to be running any 2F's on the cruisers I have currently so this should go to someone who can use it. It appears to be an SOR rebuild based on their website photos (last picture) and the red Glyptal coating which they say greatly improves oil flow back down to the pan. I can not guarantee it's SOR but not sure what else to think. The 2F engine was a rebuild that spun a crank bearing so I am parting out the good stuff. Unknown mileage since the rebuild but it sure looks clean. Head casting # 61031


$750 plus shipping.

$600 (2-day sale....GET IT NOW)

$599.95 for @65swb45

Head weighs 92 lbs.

(SOR Price $1800-$2350 plus shipping :eek:).





Photo from the SOR website under (Recondition Heads)

sor heads.JPG
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Bump.....your 2F is begging for this
"Head" bump 🤕
Has it been bench tested at all? Even though mileage is unknown, do you have any idea of how long ago it was rebuilt?
Has it been bench tested at all? Even though mileage is unknown, do you have any idea of how long ago it was rebuilt?
I'm sorry, I do not know the time frame. Here is what I do know.....

  • I purchased the complete engine from the shop that did the V8 conversion
  • The guy who owns the truck only had it for about 6 months when the crank bearing spun and locked up the motor.
  • The guy who owns the truck bought it from the guy who had the engine redone. The truck was a complete rebuild, fiberglass tub, tilt front end, new interior, etc....
  • The guy who owns the truck no longer has the contact info for the PO who is the one that had all the work done.
  • The engine was super clean, no leaks, rust free oil pan, rust free timing cover, complete with all the correct emission equipment.
  • Cylinders are clean, no scoring.
  • TEQ pistions and rods
Just a "heads up".......PRICE DROP to $900. Paypal or cash. If paying in cash you have to send me 900 $1.00 bills 😉
Another drop......$800 plus shipping :(
Bump - price drop to $750 plus shipping
Did they shave any off you think? Marv was never big on that as I recall
@oakweb I don't think any power mods were done to the engine. It was stock pistions, rods, cam, etc....all had the TEQ logo on them.
Great deal here!

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