Who's going to Coal Mine next weekend???

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Apr 20, 2003
NE PA coal region
Starting at this late hour a blurb to see who is headed to Rausch Creek for the Coal Mine event next week. I'll be there Wednesday evening and am looking forward to a great event. Gary S (shmukster)
I'll be there with several other Yankee Toy members. Looking forward to catching up with everyone!

ill be there with karl wendesday. Bethany is coming up friday and my other brother Irek is coming thursday with his son. bringing Karls cruiser and my buggy. see u in 4 days.
Giving my junk a once-over, make sure nothing is gonna fall off.
I am looking for a seat in someone's vehicle for Saturday...any offers?
Come on up we will make a seat for you

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At cmcc now and having a blast

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Just got home, great time put on by the guys at Gotham. More pictures to follow but this is all I have for now.



The good news... no one hurt except maybe a little pride and some sheet metal....and a couple of donor rigs have been offered up for the reconstruction. It was an excellent event as usual...new campground worked out great...Thanks to all for putting up with me. Here are a couple pics.
Had a great time as always. Thanks again to GCLCC
I was only up for a few hours...but the campgrounds were nice (with shade) and I had a great time catching up with some of my best friends...

thanks GCLC!
CMCC- good stuff

As usual the coal mine event this year was a good one. The new campground was very good, relatively inexpensive and an impressive facility. The event itself was very good, three good days of wheeling. A bit of rain Friday afternoon made some of the trails more fun although those of us without a top on our trucks could do without rain on the trail! All in all another good effort from the Gotham City guys- keep up the good work! Can't hardly wait till next year......
Looks and sounds like a great event. Maybe next year I can get some UCLC guys to make the trip down. It's probably the closest event to us.

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