Which is right??

Jan 20, 2003
Wherever the truck stops!!
Note the spring hangers! The STUPID PO moved the hangers to utilize different springs (I assume) and used 2 left or 2 right side hangers. Which one is it? I'll need to cut these off and get two new ones made up. I've triple checked the location of the hangers from the OEM shop manual that I have and EVERY measurement shows that they are too far forward by 2-3" (yes, one is an inch different than the other and that's measured from the mounting holes!!).

Update, neither one of these is correct!! I think they are both from the right side of an FJ40! Anyone have a pair from an FJ45LV or FJ45LPB that they can get to me ASAP? If not I'll be getting a pair made up the way I think they need to be.
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