where to get cheap spring pins?

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Aug 11, 2005
Sunny South
i'm rebuilding/restoring a 40 frame and need new spring pins for the spring hangers, unfortunatly I do not have alot of money, does anybody know of any places to get them fairly cheap? i'm not trying to do a "cheap" suspension just seeing if guys have any ideas.

the PO of my rig actually welded a steel plate over the the one side of the spring hanger so a single regular bolt could be put through the spring hanger...well lets just say i'm not that cheap.:)
Cool Cruisers - 27.00
$or - 18.99
Man-a-fre - 16.00

seems to be the cheapest at man-a-fre for my 72 frame...

even if ya don't have answers there some info for someone out there..
I have a couple...

Let me see what I can find..

Knock the plate off the old pin, and weld a bolt to it....

5/8" NF bolts on my fronts with the SR.... been that way since '99....

Good luck!

grade 8 bolts.
haha cool... just use the old spring hanger "plate" and weld a new bolt to it ... seams easy enough...

hey mace - thanks though for the help... i'll give this a whirl..

plus theres a new lady that works at tractor supply and doesn't know the diff between grade 5 and grade 8 prices.... :princess: hardy har har..
i got mine from rocky mountain cruisers for my 62 for like $11 each! and they are greasable!!

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