Where to buy a nicely running 2F Engine???

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Feb 2, 2004
Hayward, Ca.
Does anyone know where I can buy a 2F engine for a 1977 FJ40?? I seen a couple different websites- Cruiserparts.net & Spector Offroad, any other sites.............Want to compare prices...Thanks
MAF is about the only other place that has engines...

You could guve Mark at Marks off road a call...he may have something...

Jasper had them at one time.

What is wrong with yours?

Good luck!

Ming89FJ62 said:
No experience and no affiliation



No real experience either, but I talked to them when I was exploring my options. They seemed knowledgeble, and they said they compression test them, etc, etc. I think they warranty them as well. I ended getting mine rebuilt.
These guy are pretty far from you. Bought some small parts from them several years ago. Reasonable prices, quick delivery. Don't know about engines. http://www.classiccruisers.com/
Your close enough to Mudrak. Give Gary a call and tell him what you are looking for.
If that doesn't work Man-a-fre also has rebuilt motors.
running 2f

I would give james a call at cruiserparts.net. Been up there a dozen times and he has tons and tons of cruiser parts. GReat guy and buisness man.

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