wheeling this weekend?

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Apr 13, 2006
Edmonton, AB/Vancouver Island, B.C.
Hey guys, was wondering when the next club run was happening....i thought at the meeting we were thinking like...this comming weekend? i dont really remember what was decided but im kinda itching to pull out the cutting torch and start in on my saginaw conversion so....if its not this weekend the cutting could commence shortly....
i know there is access on the hat....i can run out and check if the gate at kapur is open right now....oh and i got ur phone msg stump...sorry bout not calling you back on that
the gates are open but there is still some snow up around where we went last time with the club....im going to see if i can get a buddy or two who wanna go up for quick run
where we goin? i dunno yet....i went a checked out a trail but its not going to be suitable for us to run this time....not yet anyways...and it needs a little bit of work to make it passable as well.
tom and i are going on saturday morning. we will be at timmy's. i talked to stumpy and it looks like we will be going to sooke same way in as last trip out.
scratch me off the roster.....just got home and theres no way im gunna make it out to sooke at a reasonable hour tomorrow have a good trip guys
....well i was having a good time, no sense in rushing things for the sake of a couple hours more sleep....oh to be young and stupid eh? i did end up taking my aunt and uncle (visiting from calgary) on their first wheeling trip today and ended up turning back probably just over 1/2 up the trail because my mom and aunt had had enough of their first off road experience haha now that was interesting.
reminds me of the time i took my dad out wheeling,every time we got to something testy he got out of the rig and walked
by the way-we didnt go out sat only jason and i showed up
jeremy was there for coffee only so we decided to go out another weekend
ooooooooh you could say that....my dad overheard my uncle...."they're f****** crazy" i think my uncle had a good time but my mom and aunt were a little bit....not overly enthusiastic about the whole thing...ill post some pics soon.






ok so i didnt post them up soon....but better late then never, not really any pics of me on the trail because i was leading but the one with me on the stump is at weeks...close to where that trail was that we ran

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