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May 21, 2004
MN physically, MI spiritually
Having ADD has it's advantages. I am working on three projects at the same time and this is the latest. I was buying paint for my trailer project and thought I would do the wheels at the same time. I am tired of the stock look for this truck so I painted the interiors a dark metalic grey and clear coated them as well. First photois a before and after shot and the second is a close up. The wheels still have some tell tale corrosion in places but I'm not unhappy enough with it to re do the entire wheel. This will do for now and get me through a few more winters.

The paint is a bit like a Lexus color but I think it is a bit darker. Duplicolor from NAPA. The stuff goes on thick and has so many VOC's that it sets up REALLY fast.

Comments welcone as always. :cheers:
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That is nice looking! It really makes the spokes stand out.
A couple of prep photos. First one wire wheeled second painted with three coats of color and two coats of clear. Took for ever to do the other four wheels as it takes ten minutes between coats. It was really interesting that even the wheels that looked really good neded to be painted. The paint was dust and came off really easy with the wire wheel.
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