whats this noise?!

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Mar 2, 2012
I was driving today, while coming to a stop, I heard a slosh kind of rattle coming from under the car. When I stop, I usually leave the clutch pushed in as I push the brakes. The sound happens when the car shakes while coming to a stop, my steering box is a little loose so i know thats a problem, but what is this noise?!?!:crybaby:
I notice a sloshing sound from my gas tank when the tank is about half full.
Mine is half full, but I have a long range tank (38 gallon)
I feel like it is not my gas tank, it happens with the cars vibration while stopping exactly
No vibration, no sound
Vibration, sound
The only thing I can think of that would cause vibration while stopping would be the brake rotors or U joints, but they usually cause vibration while under power. Also check your front wheel bearings, tranny mounts and exhaust brackets just for good measure, basically anything bolted under the car. Thats all I can think of.
I turned the drive shaft by hand, and the noise sounds like it came from inside the transfer case..
Its sounds like its grinding some gears...
Help identifying please!
Its not the gears, or at least I wouldn't think so. Does it make the noise if you're in neutral when you stop?
If you hear it coming from the t-case/tranny then check the oil levels in there to make sure they are in good condition. From there you may need to drop the tranny or take it to a mechanic to inspect. You are sure that is where the sound is coming from?
It is not while in neutral, only when I move
And im.going to check the oil levels
Hopefully thats the issue !
How many quarts and what kind of oil do you all recommend?
I just realized that my exhaust system shakes a lot
Could that he the noise?!

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