What to use clean interior door handles

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Jun 5, 2012
San Jose
On the driver and passenger side of the interior, the door handle and arm rest area has gotten black over the years. I was thinking of using rubbing alcohol or dish washing soap on a rag but I'm not sure what material the door-handle/arm-rest is as it's not really solid plastic or leather. It's kind of spongey so I'm afraid if the material will soak in the cleaning liquid.
Try (carefully) a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I have found them to work really well on stubborn items. The hard part will be trying to find am inconspicuous spot to test it ...
Pick up an interior cleaner. Surf City Garage, McGuire's Gariot's Garage all make gentle cleaners that work well and also safe for lite leather cleaning.
I would not use simple green as a first choice. It can be harsh on plastic and leather, ask me how i know. My upholstery guy recommended 50/50 diluted 409 with a soft toothbrush. Once clean be sure to wipe off/rinse risidual several times with damp cloth. Has worked like a charm on my 3 series.

Just my 2 cents.
I use 303 Aerospace protectant, if its good enough for the space shuttle I guess its good enough for my 100.
If you use alcohol remember it takes the color off the door arm rest. If you use it on any leather, be quick and don't rub hard as it can also "bleach" it. Do a full restoration of conditioner, otherwise you leather will feel like a armadillo.
Baby wipes from Costco FTW!
SupraTuRD said:
Baby wipes from Costco FTW!

I have turned several people onto baby wipes. They do work awesome, very portable and super cheap.
bluecruiser said:
I have turned several people onto baby wipes. They do work awesome, very portable and super cheap.

These things have 1001 uses! =]
I like windex... Cleans but is not too harsh
I usually use some Armor-all on all door panels (and leather cleaner/conditioner from McGuiars) and it works well, then for the speaker covers (and carpet) use Blue Coral (but dont use the harsh brush on the blue coral can for the speaker covers..use a cloth to wipe off the foam...
Spray and Wash

I've used Spray and Wash (laundry pre-treat) for years on my cars and it works great. Cuts the junk, but doesn't hurt the fabric, etc.
Good thread...I've always pondered this myself. I've used Armor-all cleaner before and although it works it can almost clean it too much...to the point of color removal.

I'm going to have to try that NASA protectant you guys talked about.


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