What to do with take off parts?

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Jul 26, 2006
Mark - Knoxville, TN

I am trying to de-hoard. I have lots of takeoff paths from various vehicles. What do ou do with spare/ take off parts?

For the 100 series, I have bumpers, running boards, receiver hitch, OEM diff bracket, front skid, engine covers, water pump, belt, etc

Trash man picks up on Thurs, so let me know should I toss, giveaway, sell etc.


I think you should give it all away to me :) !!! What other parts might you have? I'm in Knoxville too. Check us out on TN Appalachia Cruisers clubhouse. We are having a meeting next Tuesday the 17th in north Knoxville. Thanks Rance
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I keep them in case I go back to stock.
i would love to have the water pump, belt , and if u have the head rests for the front seats
I would love to get the fiber board cover...skid plate thingys for the bottom of the engine. And a antenna motor if you have one...I have pay pal
Guys, not looking to sell anything here. Just trying sort out scrap versus keep. From what I am hearing, the running oars need to I to the dumpster. Engine cover is garbage. The rest might have some appeal to another hoarder. ;). Thanks, Mark
Josh, Good lhought. I had forgotten those guys. Might be easiest way to get stuff moved out.
I have a pretty much brand new 3rd row seat(i think it's the passenger side) in the tan leather if anyone wants it... I live in washington state...
Bumpers - Sell (or keep in case of accident...or whatever)
Running boards - Craigslist
Receiver hitch - If you tow, it may be wise to keep for the heavier loads...I gave mine away, huge mistake. Sell it for $100
OEM diff bracket - Sell to Cruiser Parts?
Front skid - Keep as a spare, I keep an extra front skid and TJM Mid (which I have to use, my 1st one is so bent up I can't re-install it :rolleyes:
Engine covers - Sell/Trash
water pump - Trash if leaking...I don't see a reason to reinstall a old WP, considering the amount of work it takes to replace it, you'd be best getting a new OEM one.
Belt - Timing or serpentine? I kept both as spares
Etc...? If you think you may need it keep it, if you have to think about it for more than 30 seconds you don't need it.
I don't want to mess around with trying to sell or ship? Anyone want to pick this stuff up? ;).
wareagle said:
I don't want to mess around with trying to sell or ship? Anyone want to pick this stuff up? ;).

Ill come in the morning if your gonna be around!!
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If you've got room, store the bigger parts. Ya never know... One week after ordering sliders, Brian at ACC called and said "Dude, still got your running boards?" A body shop was repairing a 100... bought my running boards for $500.
Everything is gone! Wife is happy.
wareagle said:
Everything is gone! Wife is happy.

Thanks Mark for the parts!! Glad mama is happy :) . See you soon
I need a passenger side running board with brackets for an '03 LC PLEASE! Let me know how much and if it will match (pics). Thanks

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