What thermostat..?

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Jan 13, 2007
Orange, NSW
Have recently moved states and the yearly temperatures have dropped from aound 10'c - 45'c (50'f - 113'f), where we used to live, to around -5'c - 15'c (50'f - 113'f).

Today was our first hint of snow for the year and despite a 40km drive the coolant needle never moved off of cold.

What thermostat should be in the vehicle for this colder temperature range..?

Thanks ~PHIL
A quick and easy trick is to cover part of your rad when it's cold. I have a vinyl cover that snaps on over the grill, sometime when it's real cold (<-25C) I have the whole thing covered, up to -5C or -10C I cover half. When it's -30C, I can't hold temp idling even with the cover. Sliding and securing some cardboard between the grill and the rad will do the same thing, reducing airflow and heat loss. Just remember keep an eye on the engine temp, and remove it when ambient temps climb back up.

To answer your direct question, you should have a 190F thermostat. I believe this is the factory installed choice, but they may have varied them depending on retail destination.

If the thermostat was knackered (or removed), would this cause the engine to not get hot until long into the journey?

I have never looked but i have heard of people removing the thermostat in very hot climes, so I just wondered how this would affect the motor in very cold climes.

If the thermostat was removed, the truck likely won't hold temp at all, even in "normal" ambient temp. In effect you would have cooling at full capacity all the time, and no way to regulate the engine temp.

Possible (and stupid IMO), but a common issue the pops up is a missing rubble seal ring at the thermostat. I believe there is a gasket under the thermostat and a rubber ring that goes on top of it (I've never been into mine, so I may have the layout wrong). If the ring is missing, it will allow coolant to leak past the thermostat, resulting in poor heat holding in cold weather. Can't hurt to replace the thermostat and gaskets if they are suspect.
If you are in an fairly cold climate running without a thermostat is going to freeze your @$$.
Get the OEM thermostat along with gasket and "O" ring that mounts to the top of the thermostat.

Basically if really cold and no thermostat...you are not going to have much heat coming out of the heater core.
BTW, if you are running your heaters, that's going to draw heat off the engine too. Not enough to have an effect if things are set up right, but with a bum thermostat and no front cover, it might be enough to be noticable.

:doh: I just noticed you temps are -5 to 15, I thought you were talking -5 to -15. There's no way -5 should be giving you trouble, there MUST be something up with you thermostat.
The gasket may not be in there. I know mine isn't. I some how forgot to put it in and wondered for a long time where that extra piece came from after the rebuild. What a moron huh? :rolleyes: It had a tough time getting to temp, and in the summer ran a little warmer than normal. 190*F is the correct t-stat.
Thanks guys, I will definitely be buying a new thermostat and then delving into the system to fit it and see what is going on.

The truck will have struggle through until next monday, but i should be able to sort it then, i will try and remember to let you know what it was, but seriously, that needle never moved this morning (shiver)!!


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