What lift springs do I have?

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Apr 26, 2007
Upper So. CA
Truck is an '84 Xcab that came to me with lift springs on the front and they are about used up. I have no idea even who made them, which is too bad because another set just like them would be great. Their ride height is just about perfect and their durability has been exceptional. They are a three leaf pack, but I'm not even convinced that both came from the same mfg. They are that different in the way that they're made.
Also, whatever was originally welded to the frame for the bump-stop to hit on was cut off by the PO.

From the bottom of the frame to the top of the spring perch I measure 10 inches. This is in the stock spring mounts with stock shackles. I figured measuring to those points would eliminate any differences in springs and my lack of OE bump-stop pads. I'd really appreciate it if folks with known lifts could measure that same distance and let me know what it is.

In the mean time I'll start researching what ppl have to say about the various springs available.
Normally the three leaf springs are not the most sophisticated on the market, and they do not have any anti-dive control built-in. Some photos of the springs would sure help!!!
This is all part of a major front end repair/rebuild/upgrade, so the various issues visible in the pics are being addressed.

Higher Res at: Patch pictures by ntsqd - Photobucket




Thanks for the pic!!! Do you happen to know what the distance is from the top of the spring perch to the bottom of the frame rail is on your truck? It looks pretty close to where mine is. That would be good!
I've an email into Kurt on pricing for the OME's.

The PO's info on them was "they're 2.5" Ranchos". I've got several Rancho parts books and a 2.5" spring is not listed in any of them. So I've discarded that as usable info, but maybe it's a clue to someone.
Thanks for the pic!!! Do you happen to know what the distance is from the top of the spring perch to the bottom of the frame rail is on your truck? It looks pretty close to where mine is.

Sorry but the 4Runner is in Alabama and I'm in England. I'm sure there's someone on here with OME springs on their 4Runner/mini that can give you an idea.

I don't think you can go wrong with OME springs. They ride very nice but I bought the entire kit: springs, shocks, steering stablizer, bushings, pins and shackles. I think I paid about $1100 with shipping 2 years ago.
:D That explains that red mud!
Thanks for your help.

I don't doubt that the OME's work well. The problem is that I like the combo of spring rate & ride height that I have and I'm hoping that what ever spring I get won't change that. The whole rest of the truck's suspension has been worked over with GM63's and Bilsteins, these are the last bits left from how I bought it.
Yeah TG didn't even exist when I bought the truck, and those springs were on it then. Geiger was still working in IT at UCSB and hadn't even become the mod for the ORC Toyota Mini-truck list much less gone to work for All-Pro or then Marlin.

Absolutely no need or desire to go to high steer. The Ackerman on those arms, those that I've seen anyway, in word, suck. This is not a 'Hammers oriented truck. I've no desire to do those kinds of trails any more, BT - DT. This is a truck that sees thousands of pavement miles and many hundreds of dirt road miles every year while both on trips and when chasing desert racers.
I started building the bits to do cross-over in 1998 or there-abouts! Until recently it hadn't been a high priority, so the parts sat around waiting for their day. I actually built the steering arm in an Art class while in college. It was the final project, an abstract sculpture assignment. I called it "Steering Part." Got an A on the project too!

I guess more than who made those springs what I need to know is how much lift they provide. Then I can judge replacement candidates based on if they'll not be more or less lift than what I currently have. As the truck sit level now, I'm really hoping to maintain that.
Since my frame has been modified and different spring packs will have different thickness I measured from the top of the spring perch on the axle housing straight up to the bottom of the frame rail, and at ride height I got 10 inches. If someone with a known lift spring could measure between those points on their truck, then with knowing what their spring is and that distance I can make a guess as to what these springs lift amount is.
look like about 4" procomp what year truck? tire size?
Those do look like the old school Rancho's. Or Burbank suspension.. If they are rancho's they should have Red spring bushings (not an exact tell but it helps).

Since then, Rancho has done a heck of alot better at designing springs. The 4 thick ass leafs are not even available any more. And they have started to do a military wrap.. Safety is a good thing you know..
I just ordered some OME heavies from Kurt. We'll see how they compare in a couple weeks.
I just ordered some OME heavies from Kurt. We'll see how they compare in a couple weeks.

I put the heavies up front as I have an ARB bumper and a Warn 8000, mediums in the rear, and heavy OME shocks all around. Let us know if you have any troubles installing. I ran into an OEM draglink clearance issue (thus the Prolink drop draglink) but otherwise the installation was trouble free.
What started this whole thing was that a friend (who happens to own a 4WD repair shop) was looking at my progress on the cross-over steering and noticed what may be the beginnings of a crack in the DS main leaf. I've flogged these springs pretty hard and it has been on my mind that they should be retired for about 1.5 years. Nothing like jumping right on something! :rolleyes:

I'm hoping that the OME's don't make me back-track on the steering part of the project. I'm just now to the point where it almost clears in any situation, but I have a feeling that the thicker spring pack is going to set me back a ways.
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Do the OME's use two different springs to account for the different perch heights or is there a shim that you're supposed to use on the driver's side?

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