What kind of FAQ writeups can I offer to help with?

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Aug 31, 2008
Would this forum benefit from some contributions I can put together for our vehicles?

As some of you here know I spend waaaayyyy too much time shooting pictures and doing write-ups of the repairs and tech I am involved in. I shoot replies every so often into this section's FAQ files, and have a question for everyone.

I have formerly served as a WikiGuru/tech on a couple other forums, so the skillset to put the writeups together is established, as well as my technical service writing ability.

Perhaps there is something that you all would like me to move forward with? I am definitely willing to help out, and only need a couple things to make it a seriously nice bit of reference material for others here.

First, possibly..Server space to store the write-up(s) and picture files. I simply cannot keep on storing picture files on my flickr and google/picassa sites, as the space is just about used up. For example, on another forum, here's where they have a couple, that have been converted to storage, so if bychance I hit a storage limit, or edit/delete/modify files and their http changes, the link is not lost and the writeup remains solid.

Secondly..A couple of locals willing to offer assistance in using their vehicle for some of the videos if say someone wants to do a door lock repair on a 1st-Gen Runner, or any other vehicles specific to this section I don't always have access to.


4Runner Fender/Rocker Upkeep

Relocate your ECT Switch!

Maybe even some video's like Chris has done for the 80-Series forum for silly-simple little things? YouTube - Replacing a Door Lock Actuator on a '97 LX450 / Land Cruiser
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IMO, we need a "everything you wanted to know about Toyota frames, and then some" FAQ thread...

That way all the questions about x body on y frame could be in one place, and it needs to have how to PM it in there as well...

Like the PR14, POR14? Or whatever it is... And how to clean it up, patch it, etc...

Pirates got a great pic of a frame and all the WB, cross member and body mounts measured out and to what corresponding year... FWIW...
POR15.. ;)

As to the what will fit what, honestly, those are some serious dimension changes, not including the locations of the body mounts. How about the lazy and easy "Anything will fit, it's just a matter of how well you do it and how much you spend!"?

I had access to the frame schematics once, I can't always get them anymore, but I'll see what I can come up with. Again, a reason for the first "Need/Want", server storage space..I'm happy to share the stuff, it's just the whole "space to do it" and the litigality part from Toyota Motor Sales America I'd have to see about figuring out.

ie: These are accessible online.. 85 Frame


As are a "few" online manual points where people can just download the info..
I just changed out my rear springs for slightly taller OME ones. I took pics and before/after measurments and am planning to do a thread on the install.

I will also put balljoint spacers in soon and will do thread on that as well.

I did a lot of searching for step-by-step write-up but couldn't find anything.

I like reading up on a proceedure before I dig in, so I hope these threads will help others.

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