What is wrong with my dash lights?

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Oct 12, 2004
Hey everyone,
When I went start my 1987 60 tonight, I noticed that the lights illumating the temp control was dead. My speedo and temp gauge light up fine, as does the cig lighter. So what can the problem be? Is there a sperate fuse to check? Are there bulbs in there? The last time I used the Cruiser ( about a week ago) all was fine. Any ideas or feedback?

Yep, bulbs. probably burned that one out, all guage lighting is on the same circuit. I'ts a printed circuit board, so shouldn't be a wiring problem.
Very easy to replace... now you can change the color of your dash. Red is nice... less offensive when driving at night.

I would say it's the bulbs too. I had my rheostat go out a few months back and that affected all of the interior light levels on the dash, so it doesn't sound like that is the issue.
Pull the dash out and it's really straight forward. There are little black inserts that you turn 90* and they slide right out with the bulb in it. Takes longer to explain than to do.


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