What is a Used Warn 8274 with Remote worth?

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Dec 18, 2013
Toledo, OH
Says it is working (I'm not afraid of Rebuild)
Says he purchased a new motor and installed
Has cable (I really want Synthetic).
Has Warn Remote.
Looks Dirty, like it was well used.
$350 -$500.

I've bought a non-working one at the bottom of that scale, and a working good one at the top.
Sold a working one in good condition last year with the cable, but without the remote for $500. Paid $250 for it.
Like Drew stated, I'd buy a project one for up to $300 - if the motor looks newer, cool, bonus. Raw parts from Warn are really affordable, they're good about that.

If you get it about that $$$, then a rebuild kit, some good paint, and a run of synth line should about double that, say $600 all rebuilt wearing rope & waiting for use.

Like the tangental thread from last week, seems smarter money than buying the lower tier winches - but again my take.
Warn 8274.jpg
Yeah, motor seems to look less corroded than rest - that said, my M12K came out of Minnesota in ~'01, was crusty & paid ~$400 shipped to Washington.

I dropped a couple hundo doing a rebuild kit & fresh steel rope, ran like that till going Masterpull rope in ~2012 after enough use the steel rope was worn smooth & just starting to pop a few frays in the 20-30 ft mark where my pulley lands for a compound pull.

You in for less than $300-400?

It's kinda fun to open one up & rebuild so you see how the gears mesh & to be the guy slapping fresh lube in while adding new gaskets. Seems EP grease was the recommended juice, but it's been literally over a decade! GL!

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