What do i need to install a warn winch on my arb?

Jan 30, 2011
Lexington, KY
I am about to purchase a Warn VR10,000 and I need to know what all I need to install it on my ARB bull bar. I know that the winches mount feet first in there and everything, but is there any additional hardware that I need or should it just bolt right up with the hardware that comes with the winch?
Aug 26, 2009
flat earth Midwest
No direct experience with the VR series Warn, but have heard they are very similar to the form factor of the Tmax series winches. To mount those, you need to space the winch backwards when mounting, as these winches are too wide to mount directly to the ARB without their ends bumping into the back of the ARB first. If you tried tightening the mounting bolts like this without spacers, then you'll break something on the winch.:doh::whoops:

With my XRC12, I still had to cut a tiny 0.25" notch to clear the motor on one end even with the spacers, because it is so wide. YMMV

Yes, you can get the kit originally designed to mount the now-discontinued Warn 10k winch. That's what I used to mount the XRC12 on mine. It's simply some metal spacer bars with holes punched in the right place to mount between the winch feet and the back of the ARB. Plus a mounting bracket for your license plate and a solenoid pack.

If you have :banana::wrench: skills, you can do up you own spacers out of suitable 0.5" bar stock, so don't let the kit being on BO hold you back, there's not much to it.

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