What are AHC globes worth?

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Apr 6, 2012
Greenwood, AR
I did a quick search and found that the reservoirs seem to be very expensive to replace. Since I will taking my AHC out of my truck, I am wondering if I could potentially recoup a decent amount of the lift price by selling my used AHC components. Has anybody done this before? What's the going rate nowadays?

I'm just trying to plan my first and second upgrade and if I can make some money off these parts, it can be an easier sell to the wife!
They aren't worth anything unless They've been refurbished...I'll pay for shipping, you don't want them just laying around your garage and certainly wouldn't want them taking up space in a landfill......

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Obviously joking.....
A used set of globes may fetch something in the order of $150-$250 - their condition (remaining charge) determines if they are worth messing with. Before contemplating buying takeoffs I'd want to know their age (do they have their manufacture date sticker still attached) or default model year/miles and how many graduations did they return in the L to H test with the vehicles neutral pressures correctly set? Actually measuring their pressures requires a test jig and I'm not aware of any LC/LX consumer who has assembled one. Hard core Citroen guys make test jigs up all the time to test and charge their globes. I'd also want to know that the donor vehicle was generally maintained and the owner cared about the system and it wasn't topped off with brake fluid or otherwise neglected. Height sensor brackets, main valve block, damper assemblies, motor/pump + reservoir, ecu and intact wiring harness' are worth a few bucks.
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I've looked off an on for some used ones, probably worth at most $200 shipped to me (my opinion)... If they were maintained and were riding good before removed. Anymore money than that, just isn't worth the risk on a used part like that.
Yup, Christo just removed my AHC on friday so he may still have them onsite.
It would be awesome to drive up to Christo's shop and get it all done in one whack.
Has anyone bought globes from these guys:

AHC Globes

I don't need them now, just thinking about the future.

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