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Sep 1, 2003
Dito loob ng kubo kubo ko
Hey everyone. I’m Scott, served four years in the Marine Corps. First pic is Okinawa Japan 2001, second one is in Baghdad 2003.
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I’ve had several Toyotas over the years, and two Cruisers. My first one was when we lived in Africa. 1994 KZJ78 Prado.
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My current cruiser is a 1999 UZJ100.
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Welcome to the Mudness. Semper Fi and thank you from another Devil Dog. 3 1/2 year tour of Okinawa as part of the Far East Contingency Force. I was permanent personnel. Hunting NPA in the PI for a week every month and Gulf War Veteran (TF Grizzlie orGrizzly). but it doesn't matter, we are never mentioned. I was a grunt, in fact I still am. :) I started as an FO but that changed fast.

Again, thank you for your service. S/F brother.
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