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Sep 27, 2011
Anyone interested in writing an article for Toyota Trails that focuses on transitioning back into civilian life and how it relates to offroading/overlanding/family camping? Maybe some things you learned/experienced/picked up during your enlistment that crossed over to what you're doing now. Or even vice versa? My family was very outdoorsy when I was a kid. I had already camped in the dirt, camped from a van, knew how to survive alone outside, knew how to hunt/fish/shoot. I didn't know anything about the desert though, and the majority of my USMC enlistment was spent in Yuma, Arizona. I didn't know enough about things like hydration and night navigation and map reading. Combining what I did know with the ability to learn new things has made me better at all my basic survival skills.

My first real overlanding adventure was a 3-day trip along El Camino del Diablo from Aho, Arizona to Yuma, Arizona with a few Marine Corps buddies in 1995. It changed my life.

Any adventures DURING your enlistment that you'd like to write about? Sometimes, writing can be very cathartic when trying to process traumatic situations/memories. TLCA members have so many great experiences, adventures and stories to tell. Toyota Trails is the perfect place to tell them.

Even if you don't have an enlistment story... any adventure, any trip, any event story will do. Let's feature our former and current military brothers and sisters in Toyota Trails.

Email editor@tlca.org for more info.
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