Weird Starting issues

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Jun 30, 2022
Hi Folks

I have a strange starting issue with my Fj45

Over the last month or two , I have been installing and trying to tune a Holley Sniper.
This has involved multiple starts and a lot of cranking.

I believe I have the sniper dialled in and its a reasonable starting machine..... when it starts.....

The symptoms are the starter doesn't turn, I hear the solenoid click. The Ammeter goes full scale deflection, but nothing. The engine doesn't spin.

I have swapped the starter with a new one- same issue.
Changed the battery 850A 100ah- Same issue

If I turn the engine, by hand, say 20 degrees - It will spin right up - Its almost like , if it at the height of compression it won't spin.
Additionally, If I remove the plugs the engine spins on the starter freely

Any suggestions are welcome

Ok so I think I have got to the bottom of the issue. Although I won't celebrate just yet as it was an intermittent fault

I checked all the connections from the battery to the fuse box , and found there were no breaks.
I pulled all fuses except those for starting, in case there was a short somewhere

Still the issue was there - Most of the time the Engine would not spin on the the key at position 3. Bypassing the key and connecting an external starter switch - the engine would spin.

As a last ditch attempt, I rewired the Main Live feed back to the battery, even though there was continuity, and bypassed a fusible link I had fitted . - Guess what.... Engine spun up on the key.

I checked the wire, and the fusible link and both had continuity - However I suspected it has a high resistance restricting full load voltage/current to the starting circuit. Fitted a beefier fusible link as well as a new main feed and everything seems to be working fine.

Hopefully this will help someone if they experience something similar.


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