Weird object from spark plug #6 cylinder

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Nov 22, 2015
Pawleys Island
Quick background: 1997 fzj80 I am doing general PM for valve cover gasket (distributor cap, rotor, spark plugs, wires, grommets...etc)

Earlier today I was pulling out the old spark plugs..I was having some trouble but finally got all of them out except for plug #6. It didn't seem like my socket was catching too well and after some fumbling around and carelessness, the socket got stuck down on the cylinder but for some reason, my ratchet couldn't connect to the socket to bring it back up.

I ended up using a pair of long/skinny pliers and was able to pull something up, hoping it was either the spark plug or socket.

Well, I end up pulling this thing up out of the cylinder. I have absolutely no clue where it came from...originally I thought it might be part of the spark plug or something but the plug looks like the rest.

After removing this piece, I was able to connect my extension back to the socket and get out the plug. I am now about to reinstall the valve cover w/ new gasket and I wanted to check with you guys before making any moves. Whaddya guys think??

3rd pic is of object stuck inside the spark plug cylinder, along with my socket

That is a terminal from a spark plug wire. Probably time for a new set of wires :)

Damn you are awesome! :clap: I was a little nervous there for a while. I guess it's time to get back at it again. Thank you for the quick response @Springs505
What brand of wires were installed? I'm guessing they were not OEM.
What brand of wires were installed? I'm guessing they were not OEM.

Sorry for late response...I believe they were OEM but were not the orginals...I would have to take another look but I know they had the numbers as well as the year (2005). I have new wires from CDAN

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