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Feb 8, 2008
Mt. Pleasant, SC
:bang:Just checking the website for updates, and noticed that the dates for GSMTR were wrong on the calendar. It is May 7-13.

Also, Josh, I would really like to get the members rigs up.
Josh has everything....all the maps, scanned items, member photographs......just waiting on him to put them up.

As for the calendar....the officers of the club can go in and add, delete, change anything they want through the club Email GMAIL account. Just click the CALENDAR tab and make your changes...and it automatically shows up on the website need to be website guy to make changes on calendar.

That way you can make a hundred changes a day or a year...up to you. Give it a try.
One thing you might look into doing as well is getting Woody to do a MUD calendar for you. I know it's double duty but just about everyone on mud will get to see upcoming events. Helps with advertising.
Josh contacted me by email...and is ready to fix the website. I let domain expire due to lack of interest and cannot renew so if the club wants it they should bid on it will belong to someone in 9 days or be deleted.

David B or David M should contact Josh to let him know whether to go forward with website or scrap it as it is hosted on his server and he has all the data and pics.
I'm on it 100% now.

#1 goal is getting the domain back up right now.
Thanks, man, I appreciate that
Just to keep everyone up to date, I'm waiting for the domain transfer to be completed at this time. I should have it by mid of next week. During that time I'm putting together the new structure of the site and will be able to share with you guys on a temporary server while we wait on the domain. I think the new site is going to work well with a cool way of displaying member rigs. Stay Tuned....
Josh, if there're any funds needed, the club does have a limited amount.
No worries on the funds, I have it covered. Thanks though!

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