webasto/espar heater controls, what do you got?

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Feb 20, 2006
I picked up a webasto heater off of kijiji on the weekend. It came with a new wiring harness but no timer/controller. Its a pretty simple one wire-go system to make it run, so a simple relay timer would do, but there is some pretty cool systems out there.

Right now Im looking at a "text timer" which uses GMS, bia a SIM card and a control box from the UK, it runs about $200 or so USD to your door, and has two relays which can be turned on, off, delay start, or set on for an entered time by text message, and will reply a text to confirm.


It seems pretty cool, but I wonder if its just overkill, and more tedious than pushing a button on a key fob. Would be nice if I was doing trips from the airport in the winter alot though.

Anyways, for those who are running a webasto or espar heater in their rigs, what have you got?

GSM Remote Control Switch - GSM-AUTO on Vimeo
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I'm just using a simple OEM switch at the moment, but I've been told it's fairly easy to integrate a Webasto with most car starters so I'll likely go that route in the future.
I think there would be some advantages to being able to program the unit to come on and off, depending on what you're using it for. In extreme cold, preheating the coolant for diesel start up is very convenient.

I'm looking into this a little further now. GSM would be great if there were more prepaid SIM card options in Canada that don't expire after 30 days.

The Webasto T91 is also a nice unit, but expensive. I'm using a cheap 12v remote relay I bought on Ebay at the moment and it works well, but I went out to my truck a few days ago and found the heater running (I did not activate it) so I don't think that will work long term.

That leaves a 7-day timer, which is also not cheap (about $200).

I have this GSM remote switch in my HDJ81 for my webasto. I think it works great. however the prepaid options for the sim card are a little expensive (good thing I work in the oil patch).

Now I need to hardwire in a dash switch for when i'm overlanding in areas with no reception. Plan on using my old suspension switch which is uselss after upgrading to OME. Even had some decals made up for the switches.

Actually, thats a really good price especially when compared to the webasto timers, $9 vs. $360. Im guessing it would work.

Another option, check out "my n3rd" http://www.gizmag.com/myn3rd-switch/30554/ they should run around $75 and will talk to your iphone via wifi, or talk to a home network wifi. Two inputs and two outputs, you could run a car starter off it and have it tell you when its running or the doors are open.

I actually bought a SIM activated unit, I think WIND mobile has the best pay per text plan in calgary, though i have yet to install or wire anything yet. It's going in my hilux and it wont be rolling for a while yet :D
I know that Webasto/Espar has a pretty nice 7 day programmable unit, not sure if you can find one of those cheap on Ebay or Kijii.

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