Want to link the front of my 60 truggy.

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Oct 19, 2006
Ft. Worthless, TEXAS!
It is time I begin to look at linking my truck. It works well and I use every inch of the 14" travel shocks up front on my spring over suspension with shackle reversal and D60 sporting 42's. My issue is that I can't keep spring pins under it now and would like a little longer wheelbase and I have already moved the front axle forward 5-1/4 inches with the hangers hanging off the front of the frame rails.

I don't have a fortune to spend and I definitely have more time than money. That means doing it all myself of course and using as many readily available parts that I can. So I am thinking a coil spring front. They work well, springs can be had at a junkyard for 50-100 bones a pair (if not less cause I probably wouldn't pay over 50 a pair) I think I can find room for a 4 link under there somehow or another and still stay low if I am smart about it since I have full hydro steering.

But I want to know what my fellow cruiser heads have done, maybe suggestions for vehicles to get springs from and that sort of thing.

And a picture the morning before the 42's went on (those are 39.5's), she isn't flexed out all the way up front, but it gives something of an idea.

Gilmer 031.jpg
I'm looking to link the front of my 80 shortly, also most likely going to dovetail the front and rear too, not as crazy as yours (still going to keep it on the street...

I'm gonna run a 3 link with panhard (keeping the steering box and adding hydro assist)...

Why don't you look for some 80 springs? I have a set of stockers that would work well... They flex good and should be setup for around the same weight...

Here's my junk... Blew out second gear last time out so gonna pull her in for a trans and link the front while I'm at it...

Btw, not to hijack, but do you have a side and back shot? I like how you did the front, looking for design ideas for mine... Kinda rushed the bob on the rear and want to think the front and redoing the rear through before I just start hacking again..
The front of your 80 is already linked...

Anyhow here are some pics.






Sorry for the crappy pics, they didn't seem to upload at a very good quality.
There are a bunch of good threads on here with double-triangulated 4 link suspensions. A rear design should work well for the front as well. I'm doing research myself as I'm looking to link the front end of my truck in the coming year.

4WheelUnderground seems to have a ton of experience, so heed his advice. After watching his kit perform on my buddy's 4Runner proves, at least to me, that he knows what he's talking about.

As always, check pirate. More info lies there.

Are you going to stick with springs and shocks or are you open to coilovers, or struts?
I know it's already linked... Was talking more of the cage below the hood, want to do something similar, but want to balance off and on road (I drive about 40 miles one way to our local trails)

I am also going to 3 link the front (the radius arms suck, I've been through 4 sets of bushings, and it doesn't flex that well..

Thanks for the pics, that things sick!
Has anyone linked the front of their 60? Or do I have to do it first?
I have searched, a lot actually. But I am looking specifically for coil springs, tho the link layouts will help a little but I need to be able to see the pics.
And not a single picture in that thread works.
I have searched, a lot actually. But I am looking specifically for coil springs, tho the link layouts will help a little but I need to be able to see the pics.
And not a single picture in that thread works.

Then you've gotta be more specific in your requests! The vast majority of guys who link their rigs use coilovers. If you're in that far, people usually pony up for the easier to package gear.

There was a guy who put a full 80 series front suspension, with coil buckets, shocks and radius arms under his 60. Would that help? I think his username was mor4wd.
I will see what I can find there too, thanks for the tip.
Coil springs are a tight fit on a cruiser axle, though you might look into using 2.0 or 2.5 coilover springs for a easier fit
go three link with a panhard bar. MUCH easier to fit and they perform very well.

I run two lowers and a single upper, but you can just as easily put two uppers and a single lower.

Just make that single lower strong!

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