Wanted want to buy a set of Toyota birfields

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Jul 16, 2006
United States
I want to buy a set of used Toyota birfields that aren't clicking or anything.
I have 3 sets of 1985 Mini Birf's inner and outer. No clicking..if these are the ones you are looking for!

1 Passenger inner and outer

2 Drivers inner and outer or vise versa...made me think twice!!!!
I have a pair of stock '76-'78 Birfs in Kansas City
i have a set of 10 spline birfs as well if thats what your looking for, there are a few different flavors of LC birfs....post up with which kind
So, we have early 10 spline, FJ40 pre-1979, and mini-truck/FJ60 on the table. Funny, he drives an 80 and none of those were offered.
He did not specify which model!

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