Very Neat Electrical Issue!

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Dec 1, 2009
I have this issue that occurs randomly - when I flash my high beams twice, my truck turns off! Hahaha!

So I was driving down the highway and for some reason decided to flash my high beams twice (empty highway) and my truck turned off for a second then turned back on since I was driving at 80km/hr in 4th...

If I flash once, nothing happens.

Just thought I would share this with you - I think that it is fairly neat.

Any comments?
So what is the truck?

Does it have EDIC?

If so maybe the EDIC is shutting down your engine because your "high beam switching" is somehow lowering its supply voltage.

I know bulb filaments draw more current "when cold" than "when hot/bright".

(But if that was happening I'd really expect you to have other problems too.)
sorry, 24 volt bj40... that is the only issue that im encountering.

My buddy was welding on my truck without the welding ground connected (and my batteries hooked up) and melted all my ground wires out... but i replaced most of them ;)
Such as? :D

Hahaha, I love this rig... It hasn't done it for several months, and everything else works fine.
long shot: I saw a kill switch once that required the owner to flash his brights before the vehicle would start.... maybe you have one and the 2nd flash disconnects something? would be odd... but not impossible
when i put the wrong tail light globe in my falcon when i put my lights on or pressed the brake it used to short out and turn my fuel pump off

put in the single filiment globe rather than twin filiment
When my horn does work, and my stereo is on, it shuts the stereo off momentarily. But the horn hardly ever works- and it is a sort of safety feature to have the stereo off in a situation where the horn is required...

Gotta love Previous Owner wiring ingenuity...

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