For Sale Vancouver Island 1980 BJ40/42

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  1. 40 Series
I’ve decided to part with my Bj40 Land Cruiser as I don’t have the time to enjoy it needs to go to someone who will use it. The truck is as follows: 1980 BJ40 with current BC registration. The truck is a combination of a BJ40 with some 42 upgrades. This was my daily driver until recently and is a great little truck that has never let me down.

The powertrain has been upgraded to a 3B and H55F five speed out of a BJ60 that had 190,000 Km on it. The compressions test were all over well over 400 for each cylinder and the motor runs great. I’ve added an AXT turbo which is set at 10 pounds boost. This truck will do a highway speed with the turbo 3B and 5 Speed. When I swapped the powertrain over in the summer of 2020 I installed a new clutch, rear joints, two new 825 CCA batteries, new mud terrain tires and a Tuffy security console. A new muffler was also added as the side dump straight pipe turbo whine got old real fast. The truck has BJ42 factory power steering, a SOA axle conversion with flat springs for a nice ride and an Aqualu industries aluminum tub with storage compartment. A 12000 pound Warn winch is bolted to the front bumper and a jack-all mounted to the rear tire. The frame is solid! The rear section was replaced professionally by the previous owner and is fishplate welded nicely. It comes with Bestop soft top and doors, Bikini top with Aqualu tailgate, loads of spare parts and a paint of half doors I’ve started to fabricate.

The issues that need attention: The power steering box weeps from one of the seals and needs to be replaced. John at Radd Cruisers has the kit, The safety belt warning switch does not work and the warning light on the dash stays on. The transmission cover needs the proper boot put on it and the whole for the transfer case shifter enlarged as it bangs against the cover the odd time when off road. The EDIC motor is not currently on the vehicle and the old reliable hood pull fuel cut off is utilized instead of the complex EDIC motor. I does come with a few if one desired to go back it that method. The passenger side door has a patch welded in that needs to be finished and once of the rear ambulance doors is the same. The patches are from real steel and MIG welded in correctly, I just never have the time to finish it. A paint job on this very solid truck makes this a 40,000 truck in todays crazy market.

I’m looking for 20,000 Cdn for the truck






John in Utah

Oct 20, 2017
Looks like it might be a later model based on the dash insert?

What seats are up front?
Jul 28, 2007
The seats are 60 series but I have original 40 series seats, they will need to be recovered.
Apr 23, 2017
Have to discuss with family, but super interested
Jul 28, 2007
Just took it out with the local Island club last weekend and had serious second thoughts. Sure fun on the trails..


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