For Sale vancouver bc 1982 bj42

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United States
1982 bj42 runs good needs.nothing
3b diesel 4 speed
factory winch
near new 33 inch bfg
comes with bins and bins of parts
new oem front bib bezel
new fenders
15k usd
Pm sent.
Hey man I really like that one but think he wants to much. I've chatted with him already. I'd go 15 for it but..... That's the color I want to. It has high kms too. 👎🏼
Apologies, let me re-phrase that, I can't go more than 15 but love the truck. Wish I had more money.
Guess again, Google 15000 us to canadian.

What we have here is a failure to communicate! My guess was that you wanted it for 15K Canadian, not 15K US.

Indeed, currency converter shows 15K Canadian dollars is 11,329 US dollars, which is 24.47% less than 15K. So, my guess was pretty good.

Anyway, he's not going for 15K Canadian. You said high km's in a previous post. How high?
lol i don't want take over his post or anything can't remember exactly maybe he will post it. Besides the km on the truck he said it runs really well as a 3B should. And yes i wanted it for 15 CAD not 15 US which is 19847.48 ish CAD.

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