Valve adjust at BTDC

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Aug 4, 2013
Go ahead and laugh.

Adjusting valves in FJ62 I mistakenly adjusted the valves at BTDC, ie at BB mark versus two dots.

Is this a big deal???

I know for timing it is but seems like they are so close that valve adjustment may not be a big deal.

Do I have to redo it? I have it all buttoned up again but haven't started it.
Can't believe no one knows this unless maybe it's too obvious??

You won't hurt my feelings. Go ahead and rip me up!

You guys are going to make me do it over. LOL.
I found that out.

I adjusted the valve at BTDC. That's the problem.

The valves SHOULD have been adjusted at TDC.

What I want to know, is that a problem???

I know not ideal but will that create any damage??
As an update.

Seems from what I've been able to read that if you accidentally adjust the valves at BTDC instead of TDC it is not a big deal.

Seems to mean the valves will open just a little early than they are supposed to.

We will see.

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