Vacuum diagram connections for '93 22RE engine

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Aug 18, 2013
Prescott Valley, AZ
Hey a bud just swapped a 22RE for a rebuilt one, anyone have a diagram for vacuum routing for this motor?
I don't, but. If you bite it off into bits it's actually pretty easy.

  • TB to the charcoal canister is easy.
  • Two lines from the TB to the EGR via the hard lines.
  • Two lines to the BVSV off the hard lines from the EGR.
  • Two fat lines off the dizzy to the plenum and the AC idle up thingy.
  • Line off the back of the plenum 3-way to the fuel pressure regulator.
  • Two lines to the AC idle up thingy off the VSV.
Disclaimer: this is off the top of my head.
Hose diagram under the hood?

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