Uwharrie Camping and Trail Riding 9/5-9/6

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Apr 10, 2013
Weddington, NC
I'm planning on taking the kids out to URE Saturday morning for a weekend of camping and trails. We plan to go Saturday morning, find a camp spot and set up and then ride trails during the day. Camp Saturday night and ride some more on Sunday. We'll pack it up and leave Sunday after lunch. I'm not sure where we will camp just yet. I was thinking about West Morris Mtn Campground (near the intersection of River Rd and Hwy 109), or Yates Place. If those are full, I'd be okay with setting up camp at a dispersed camping spot along the trail. I'm flexible. If anybody is interested in joining us, feel free. The more the merrier! PM me if you want my contact information and we will figure out a plan.
Bumping this to the top. If anybody wants to do some trails tomorrow, meet at the Outpost at 10:00am. We plan to camp Saturday night if we can find a spot. Day trippers are welcome as well. Have a good weekend everybody!
Fantastic weekend for camping, hiking and riding trails. @FJinTegaCay came out for the day on Saturday. We did a little hike that somehow morphed into a ride for me in a police car. Ever noticed on the trail map a spot labeled “Nifty Rocks?” It is near Badin Lake. Well, I had wondered for years what “Nifty Rocks” was all about. Now I know:
What about the police car?

Edit: nvm, I see the other post.
So we parked our trucks and hiked into the forest from the main road (576) looking for these rocks. We hiked all the way to Badin Lake and never saw them. We started back-tracking and decided to veer off on a horse trail going back in the general direction that we came from and we found them. We thought it would be a good idea to keep following the horse trail rather than going back toward the lake and hiking out the same way we came in. That proved to be a tactical error because the horse trail took us way off course to a spot near Arrowhead Campground and the boat ramp. Once we found the main road, we realized that we were a couple of miles from where we had parked. A LEO just happened to be riding by, so I hitched a ride with him back to my truck and came back and picked up the group. The crazy thing...we were truly never lost. Miller had a GPS app. We knew exactly where we were going and that it was not the right way back, but following the established horse trail was much easier than trying to blaze a new bee-line path back to the trucks. The woods were thick with underbrush, and even though we didn’t see any snakes, we didn’t want to take any chances stepping on a copperhead. All’s well that ends well, and we made some great memories out there. Fun day!
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It was a fun day packed with adventure. This was the first time taking my 40 off-road since all the improvements. I went on Wolf’s Den and Falls Dam and it performed flawlessly.

Thanks again to Dave for pulling this impromptu trip together.

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