Using 2 winch contactors in series

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Jan 6, 2003
I've recently picked up a 450A contactor to replace my winch solenoid in the control box. While the wiring seems straightforward, I'm wondering if it's necessary to use 2 of them in series to replicate the original solenoid controls? Most winch control boxes use 2 pairs of solenoids in series (4 total), I'm assuming as a safety measure because if one sticks closed it won't cause the winch to run on. Is that necessary for winch contactors? There doesn't seem to be any backup if the contactor fails.
The motor reversing contactor on series wound winch motors is a double pole, double throw relay. It has 4 high current posts.

You can make up a DPDT relay from two SPDT relays. SPDT relays have three high current lugs. These are common on early Chinese winches.

You can also make up a DPDT relay using 4 SPST relays (common on early Warn winches). These have two big posts.

The Albright DPDT contactor has a built in fail safe so that it is open if any of the contacts gets welded shut or sticks

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