uphill driving making power steering angry

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Dec 18, 2012
northern utah
I have a leak from the power steering reservoir which i've just been topping off for quite a while.. any kind of extended uphill driving seems to make the power steering louder and it tends to leak a little more. first off, exactly what should i be using in the power steering res? secondly, does the changing of the tone due to uphilling signify a worn pump or some kind of red flag? thanks in advance for any insight.
Should be using Dextron 3 or equivalent ATF.

Get a spray bottle and Simply Green cleaner from your favorite store and use both to find out where exactly the leak is from. 50% water/ 50% Simply Green is a good concentration and will clean off your stuff nicely. Stop/fix the leak first, purge the system of air, then see what the pump sounds like.

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