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Feb 28, 2019
Madison, WI
Looking at a 2017 Lexus Lx tomorrow, I have a 2013 now, is it worth upgrading? Both are luxury plus models??? The 2017 gets me back 50,000 miles from my current ride at 108,000?
Everyone who reads this may be thinking: “Only if you sell me your ‘13.” ;)
I'm a 100 series guy so I don't know much but I do know that you get an 8 speed with the '16+. Is it worth it, I dunno.
Some people hate the 8 speed, the one I drove I like. Some people hate the terminator grille.. I think it looks great. Especially when chopped for a bumper. Many people hate the infotainment controls.. no touch screen, have to use the joystick thing. I am totally undecided on that, but don't think I'd like it long term. Better front brakes.. you can add those to yours easily. Same suspension, same engine, same axles...

50k more miles on a solid, well-maintained rig? Wouldn't bother me in the slightest. IMO you have one of the best years of LX.. personally I wouldn't go from it to a 16+.
Everyone who reads this may be thinking: “Only if you sell me your ‘13.” ;)

Not me I love my modded 2009 with 275k miles.

The only reason to get 2017 would be prettier grill and less undercarriage rust. My recommendation would be to save your money or if you must buy a 2008 LX as second car. Two are better than one in my book.
This is why I like the forum, I was on the fence about trading in my current LX and you guys saved me 3 hours of driving to see the ‘17 today, after all I bought the Lexus so I could drive forever. Thank you!
I moved from a 08LX to a 18LX. I traded it in as the AHC pump failed on my 08, and I was done dealing with the rust all over the under carriage. After putting 320k km on my 08 and about 50k km the 18LX here are my thoughts:
- I love the additional safety features especially Blindspot monitoring
- Heads up display - never missed it on the 08, love it on the 18
- I miss the touch screen on the 08, the mouse on the 18 is OK
- I liked the 6 speed trans on the 08, I find 8 speed not as smooth.
- I preferred the roof rack on the 08, it was adjustable back-and-forth. The flush mounted roof rack on the 18 it’s just harder to work with.
- I have had no difference in gas mileage between the two.

Overall if it wasn’t for the AHC pump failing and the rust I would’ve kept it 08 and saved my money.
I hated the mouse, one big reason I didn't want newer LX. I dont see how anyone can use it while driving 70-100mph.
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