Unsuccessful carb rebuild. Help!?!?

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Jan 13, 2007
Santa Fe, NM
So I've been struggling with this for too long. All the shops in town don't want to touch it because its a rv or that its carbed. I rebuilt the carb and I felt like I did a fine job but now it runs terrible. The initial problem was hard starting, you had to feather the gas peddle to get it going. I figured a rebuild was in order. Now after the rebuild and float replacement it starts right up when its got gas in the line and sounds good for about 5 seconds then it starts sputtering and the whole motor shakes before it dies out. I made a little video of it running. I am at wits end and very defeated. Thank you guys!
Fuel pump?
If the fuel pump isn't keeping the bowl full while the vehicle is running it'll cause that problem. Or if there is something blocking fuel flow.
I can rev it up and it has no problem at high rpm's it just acts like this at idle. But I do have another fuel pump, not sure if its good but its pretty easy to switch out. But again when I pulled apart the carb just before this video the bowl was half full. I will check the filter also.
Check your fuel filter too.
Check the Idle fuel cut solenoid. run a jumper wire from the battery to the hot side on it with the truck shut off you should hear it click... I had a bad plug on my 82 and was able to install a new plug on the carb and harness side and that took care of it. I would almost promise ya that is what is wrong.
If I remember correct it is hard wired and no plug.


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