Underbody Protection

Jan 29, 2007
Has anyone here tried to extensively clad the under body of their 70?

Im looking at making a belly plate come tranni/transfer crossmember out of 8mm sheet biz alloy, folded up at the edges and bolted to the chassis. The added bonus of this, it will make the chassis very rigid and less prone to twisting. Also you can hang rock sliders of this and not worry about the chassis twisting when it takes the added leverage of the slider/side step...

I will make another mount above the tranni so when i want to drop this belly plate the tranni will stay suspended.

It will start just behind the bell housing and finish just before the output flange to the tail shaft.

Now in doing this, i may have to push the tranni/transfer up a few inches to be above the underside of the chassis? will this muck things up? or will the only problem be twisted engine mounts and radiator fan/radiator proximity? oh and gear lever position?

lol alot of reading i know... but i dont have a shorter way of explaining

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