un-golding fj80

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Jun 1, 2003
Anyone know where to get some standard chrome trim pieces to replace the lame gold ones that came on my 1996 FJ80? (other than my local toyota dealer....)
Dealer or junk yard. They have adhesive backs which means you toast them taking them off. So, I guess skip the junk yard :ugh:
Logos or no logos... Everyone will still stare!!!

Ditch them too. :G
Spector sells the "black pearl" emblems that were on the 40th models. They look nice at about $100/set. They may have the chrome ones. Give C-Dan an IM and he might be able to locate a set at a good price.
I have a few pieces here and there :D - don't think any of them from my 40th are in one piece though :eek: :slap: :D
the black pearl from spector runs about 150.00 see it here: http://www.sor.com/sor/cat163b.tam?xax=28815&anchor=#163-91

scroll up and you can get the chrome in individual pieces but no antenna nut listed(3 pieces chrome around 75.00 bucks)maybe they have a chrome nut if you call them?

doug(whos working some OT to get the black pearl)(gotta degold the cruiser)

i will let you guys know how bad the shipping is from S.O.R.
i am afraid its gonna kill me(based on what i have read about their shipping practices)
I'm not sure what you mean about shipping? I have bought probably $1000 worth of stuff from SOR since I've owned my cruiser, never a problem. I normally ship 2nd day air cause I get impatient, and sometimes I really need the parts. They ship same day when you order, always. And email you a tracking number automatically, unlike many vendors. Just do UPS ground and shipping shouldn't be bad. &nbsp:Don't do Priority Mail cause thats uninsured against damages during shipping, and its VERY VERY slow.
Just de-golded my ‘96 with standard chrome parts from SOR. Shipping was $19, UPS ground. Seemed very pricey for 3 plastic pieces. They won't tell you how much shipping will be when you order - I almost did not buy the parts from them because of this. They said they don’t know until the box goes out. When the parts arrived, they included a full catalog and price list. These two items added several pounds to the box, and I unknowingly paid the shipping for it. I did not ask for the catalog – I already have one. Just FYI – you can probably save a little if you don’t want the catalog.
The last time I ordered from SOR their charges were for shipping and HANDLING. Something like a fixed $15 handling fee regardless of the size or weight plus the actual shipping charge. I was NOT happy about their shipping costs.
Well maybe I don't pay enough attention to the invoice...
For me as a 40 owner, there are a LOT of things that Sor has that NO ONE else has, so I just have to buck up and pay it. And since most of my orders are large, 15 bucks for handling is negligable.
I think Ben Dover is the shipping manager. ::)
It's not important
I think Ben Dover is the shipping manager. ::)

Priceless! Is that where Ben ended up, I was wondering as he used to work for UPS in Canada. :D

Cheers, Hugh
Thanks for all the help on this. I did order the chrome emblems from SOR. The person there was helpful and when I asked about the shipping he said it shouldnt be more than a couple of bucks - however this was prior to my reading some of these responses. My order was placed yesterday so i will call them back to verify shipping charges. YES, they did throw the catelog deal at me too....... I will post a response with a + or - after i get the shipping bill! Also to note for others wanting to de-pimpify their rigs, the gold nut on the antenna piece only comes as a part of the complete antenna assembly. I opted not to do that ...
A quick fix on the antenna nut...

1. Take it off
2. Rough it up with sandpaper
3. Rattlecan it
I've bought a can of "back pearl" spray paint a can of clear coat and as soon as I get the motivation. I'm going to try the cheap fix. Until then, I've decided to go for the bronze emblem package by simply refusing to clean/shine/polish the pimp-daddy gold. Bronze isn't too bad.
CHROME ANTENNA NUT:  86336-89102 $6.23 list  8)

Got 2 of 'em in front of me right now :G

 Ya just gotta know where to shop........ ::)

If you just can't live without a gold one. it's a 00577-89104 $25.32
The black pearl is 00577-60974 $22.19

BLING BLING.....my buddies give me grief about my gold, but they are all jealous of my lockers.

I will let Curran try the paint method and then I might take them off and make a bracelet for myself.

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