U-joint replacement question

Oct 22, 2006
Oxnard, California
My Cruiser is vibrating at highway speeds and the vibration increases horribly on deceleration. At city speeds it's okay. I'm pretty sure it's the rear shaft U-joints and I'll be calling Cruiser Dan for OEM replacements. Problem is, the local driveline shop wants $80 to replace the U-joints (shaft off) which sounds rather steep to me. I really don't want to beat the U-joints out as that might warp the flanges, so does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for replacing the U-joints without damaging things?
Feb 12, 2005
bay area
if you have a vice, that's a gentler way to go though there will still be some light hammering.

make sure your zerk fitting is facing the right way so that you will be able to get a grease gun on it once the shaft is back in the truck.

are you positive the u-joint is the source of your vibration?

here's a link showing the hammer method...i'd suggest a ball pein hammer instead of a carpenter's hammer however.


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