TX- Parting out 1984 Rust Free White FJ60

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Sep 27, 2004
United States
Best way to contact me is email- jason at cruiseryard {dot} com and specify the year and part you want (take out underscores)

I added another cruiser to the stable. I have a 1984 FJ60 that is nearly rust free. There is 1 pencil size hole in the A-Pillar, the rest is solid, including the tailgates, doors, and rear quarter panels. If someone was looking to replace a rusty shell, this would be a great candidate. The block is seized, but the head and other engine accessories are fine. It is white with tan interior. All front exterior parts are inside the truck and are available. I have the title too in case someone was interested in it as a whole.

More pics 1984_White_FJ60 - a set on Flickr

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headlamp washer reservoir

What is the condition of the headlamp washer reservoir and air intake hose?

Pm the price with shipping to 91016.

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im interested in the carb cooling fan if its available and in working shape (as far as you know). i'd pay for shipping to Ft Worth TX.
Front Axle Hub to Hub....

I currently have 2 front axles for a 60 that I am selling whole. The first is a complete hub to hub for $400. The second has the hubs removed, it's $350. It's $10 if they have to be palleted/strapped. I am not going to part them out, only selling them as a whole.
t-case lever and knob to 97007? thanks!
Appreciate that J. Keep that build coming! I cant wait to the trailer build!
Appreciate that J. Keep that build coming! I cant wait to the trailer build!

I'll let ya know when I start it, probably 2 weeks or so I'm hoping..

I'm gonna need a few FZJ80 items as well.. I'll let ya know on those as well.

If you get some good wiper arm caps let me know.

How are the door panels? What color are they? Where in Texas?
How's the hood? From the photos it looked as if it had a dent in the very front...

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