Turbo boost pressure adjustment?

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May 23, 2008
Boulder, CO
I have a 12HT. Been curious about turning up the boost by a few pounds. Did a search on how to do it but haven't found much (or I just suck at searching).

Anyway, two questions...

Will turning up boost w/o doing fuel adjustment have much effect, and if so, in what way?

Where do I find this adjustment?

I increased the boost on my 13-BT last week. I just used a boost controller and went from 8psi (Factory Spec) to 12psi boost. You will need a Boost Controller and a Boost Gauge to do the mod. The boost gauge is important cause you dont want to over boost. I've heard the 13-BT can go up th 14psi without much trouble but I detuned it to 12 to be on the safe side.

The Cruiser drives much better now. Heaps more power between 2500 and 3000 rpm. Accelerates real nice now. You can really feel the power. I don't ever go over 3000rpm. I hope it saves the engine a bit of wear and tear. Don't want to thrash it its not a race car.

If you want to boost your turbo this is the way to go. Plenty of threads on it here, thats where I got the info to do mine:cheers:

Hey Joe

Mad boost your running mate!! Did you gradually increase the psi to that level over a period of time or did u go straight to 18? Are u running a pyrometer to check exhaust gas temp? Intercooler? Did u fiddle with the fuel seeting?

I have a pyro on the way from america. Cost half of what it did in Australia. 8 to 12 psi has been a big improvement but going to 18 would be awesome. Are there any probs with going to 18psi. I'm going to install the pyro before I do anything else tho.

Are you expecting to shorten the life of your engine by boosting so high?

many questions??????


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